SQO (Seventies Quad-opamp Overdrive)

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Lauriepedals SQO
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Manufactured 2010
Country North America

The SQO is a sound-alike tribute to the quad-opamp (RC3403), silver-screw, long-dash vintage Boss OD-1. The SQO is not a “vintage copy” – the circuit layout is very different, the components are all brand new, and no attempt was made to capture “vintage mojo”. The only thing replicated was the circuit function.

In the A-B testing of the SQO against the workshop OD-1 shows there is almost no discernable difference in tone.

As the SQO was a proof-of-concept, only twenty pedals were made in the initial limited production run (all long since sold). There has been ongoing interest in the SQO so it has been made available in the Custom Shop.