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DingoTone is a boutique pedal effects company based in North America, formerly known as LauriePedals.

In 2008 and early 2009 there was no branding. Pedals were made one-off for a select group of customers on a pedal forum that is now sadly gone (the database for www.bossarea.com crashed in 2011). There isn't much on the web about the pedals during this time because there was no branding, plus the comments that were available were lost in the database crash.

From late 2009 to early 2011 the brand “LauriePedals” was used and there are still occasional references to this name on the web. Sadly the huge number of references to LauriePedals that were contained in the crashed forum have been lost. The online history for that entire chapter is gone.

In 2011 www.dingotone.com was registered and the logo and branding started to evolve. Once again, nearly all the early DingoTone information was lost in the crashed forum.

In late 2011 DingoTone was fortunate enough to be part of the restart of BossArea after the crash. DingoTone was very active in BossArea’s replacement www.StompBoxZone.com, and references to DingoTone can be found all through that forum. There was also activity in other areas on the web like The Gear Page, and pedals were sold through DingoTone's own web site and on eBay.

Since 2012 the brand has continued to evolve.

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