Great Amps for Slide Guitar

Great Amps for Slide Guitar

Postby visserman » Thu Oct 27, 2016 9:44 am

What is there a difference for what kind of amp you use for Slide? Not really, but if you like that gritty, dark tone, there is nothing which can beat that small practise amp. The PIgnose amp is fantastic: Its speaker sounds very dark, and because the amp lacks any tone controls you have no ability to tweak. The amp struggles to play clean, but for that dark Slide tone they are fantastic.
Small bass amps are also very good, for similar reasons as what I mentioned above.

When you use larger amps it does depend on the model and make, some may give you a pleasing tone, some you do need to tweak a lot.
I have a Peavy Envoy, which does have a very midrangy distorted channel. Guess what? Great for slide, and this amp is about 35 Watts, so plenty of volume for playing with a no so loud band.
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