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So on Saturday night I happened to be performing as part of a two piece in a basement bar. I took my usual boards, sending the Octave OC-3 in Polyphonic mode to the rather small bass amp, my remaining pedals to the guitar amp. Alas the OC-3 through the bass sounding synthy and rather weak - as it seems to when not hitting a 4 x 12/good sized powerful amp.

Later another two piece were astounding, big reverby modulating noise rock, wonderful bass notes, and a crushing cutting blistering distortion in choruses. Using exactly the same two amps! :o :(

Well there was nothing for it but to have a good look at the chaps pedals, and unexpectedly this was the pedal chain (from memory)

Guitar > Big Muff > Metal Zone (mod) > BD-2 (Mod) > MO-2 > RT-20 - stereo outs to both amps.

So some big surprises, a Metal Zone hitting the pleasure tone (Might be a Keeley Twilight mod), the wonderful ambient slightly modulated echo-y wash of the RT-20, and the ASTOUNDING bass notes from the MO-2. They were uncannily natural and by varying his touch the guitarist could summon them up at will, or back off.

So I'm quite seriously impressed and very keen to try out some BOSS! The MO-2 may be kicking the OC-3 off of my board anytime soon (maybe!) :)
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