SHELF LIFE of vintage pedals?

Re: SHELF LIFE of vintage pedals?

Postby usedpedals » Thu Mar 17, 2016 12:34 am

Pieraga wrote:I observed the price drop in the original DM2 when the waza version came out, the last time I checked ebay the original dm2 was only around $150, and I kinda feel sorry for those who bought it for $300-400, for me it's really alarming, I hope it won't happen to me if I ever buy a $400+ boss pedal,, well, that's one thing holding me back on spending $$$, I'm not rich to throw that amount of cash without having a second thought,

We had a MINT, brand new in box- manual/papers/everything Boss DM-2- literally MINT condition.
We sold it for $799
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Re: SHELF LIFE of vintage pedals?

Postby jjone » Thu Mar 17, 2016 1:00 pm

Pieraga wrote:
jjone wrote:Take a NS-1 and convert it into a SG-1.
Unless you want to own the original one, then prepare at market prices.
For my taste SG1 and SP1 are useless and ugly

I was considering that mod on NF1, well if I won't be able to find a very cheap one,, I got an SP1 for only around $80(converted) and it's just a contour in a box, I know that I won't be using it that much,, I was lucky not to spend and I can't imagine myself spending $400-500 on a 'not so useful'/useless pedal,

Or wait for the reissue... One never know :D

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Re: SHELF LIFE of vintage pedals?

Postby Joya2Islam » Fri Mar 22, 2019 3:27 am

usedpedals wrote:
Pieraga wrote:
usedpedals wrote:Only use DeOxit and not other contact cleaners

Don't use any contact cleaner on any pedal with sliders- some its ok to- but i would just go ahead and say just NEVER

BUT- i wouldn't use deoxit or any cleaner on any pots or jacks if you don't have to- just moving the pots back and fourth is just as good 99% of the time

So I've been doing things the wrong way!!, :o I've been using McKenic contact cleaner, :cry: :cry:

btw, what's the bad effect of slider to the pedal?, I'm taking down notes, :geek:

I'm not a technical person- I don't fix anything-
BUT with the number of pedals I personally deal with - I've learned a few things... My amp guy is the best pedal repair person in town... so everything comes from him...

I've read other generic radio shack contact cleaners may do some harm vs deoxit on guitar related gear... i don't remember the specifics

ALSO- my amp guy told me- that whatevers in deoxit fucks up what ever film whatever is in an VINTAGE PEDAL Sliders...
So I'm thinking something like a Boss GE-7- it would probably be ok to use it on- but a vintage Mesa Boogie amp with EQ and some older pedals- like MXR it would be harmful to eat away at the stuff inside the sliders- i want to say he said they had some sort of magnetic thing involved- but I have no idea- I'm not technical- or basically useful in fixing anything ever...

I don't know McKenic contact cleaner- but I would choose deoxit over the basic cb radio shack stuff

A while ago I posted about Ron Wood's show on Absolute Radio in the UK. From time to time he does have guests in, he connects those people with the Stones, and with other guitarplayers of that particular period in time. A couple of weeks ago he had Steve Cropper in, and there lots of stories about Otis Redding, recording facts of details about certain songs ect. Overal it was a joy to listen to, and fun as well. Yep another one: Make it Fun!!. It should be worthwile listening to otherwise why do it eh?
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