The official Facebook thread

Re: The official Facebook thread

Postby Kulten » Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:41 pm

I'm in a new Rock band.

ORGANIC MACHINE : here you'll find music, videos, photos, etc.

We're french so let's translate some informations : I'm a bass player and I use a BOSS DR-220 A for drums. (exept for the first song on our SoundCloud playlist, the guitar player uses his own drum machine software). The guitar player sings. That's all, we are two, less instruments, less difficult for discussions about the songs, easy to record. We play in the same Free Jazz band (I'm on clarinet) and wanted the same thing a few months ago : create a basic rock band, a bit Industrial-like, so this is it.

I use FB-2 for pre-amp in all tracks, and in the second track of the playlist I use DD-7 "reverse" mode (there's a video about that on Facebook). The guitar player uses DS-1, TR-2 and DD-6. For the distorted sounds he sometimes mixes DS-1 with Maxon Tube Screamer or with the distorted canal from his Marshall tube stack.

Hope you'll like it, I'm 200% involved in this band.
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Re: The official Facebook thread

Postby Franzoni » Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:19 pm

Dirk wrote:I know how you feel Franzoni.
Gigs are hard to come by here too, we even entered a battle of the coverbands competition to keep busy.
We made it to the semi-finals, on a huge stage in a very nice venue, so that was nice. :lol:
It's normally not really my thing, music isn't a competition, but oh well, try before you die!

:thumbs: ....

Were hoping to start working on a couple of original projects in the next while.....we have some original stuff we want to work on and we might be looking at doing some work on the soundtrack of a animated film for a local college.....the second one is still up in the air a bit but were going to start working on some songs anyway....

Might need the help of some of you guys when it comes to setting up recording stuff for the laptop.....i still have reel to reels and an old tascam 8 track..... :lol: .... :guinness: :guinness:
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